Sleepy Hollow Designs

THe Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
I have decided recently to help bridge the gap between MBT and the world wide web with a few new endeavors. This blog being the first, and secondly a brand spanking new Flickr account so I can show off all the photos of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow that I promised the other day.

Meadow Brook Theatre’s loveable Artistic Administrator (and my partner in crime) Travis Walter snapped a few photos for me on Monday when he had a meeting about costumes.

Travis is directing Sleepy Hollow this year, and he has already met with all of our designers several times. Monday’s meeting was with Liz Moore, MBT’s Costume Shop Manager and Sleepy Hollow’s costume designer. She has been working on some rough drawings that I have included for you to take a look at on our Flickr page. Liz and Mary Pettinato (our other amazing Costume Shop Foreman) have also pulled some costumes from our stock to work with which you can also see on Flickr.

The drawings you’ve seen are only the beginning. Eventually, Liz will update her ideas based on her meetings with Travis. When Liz is happy with the final designs and Travis is happy with them as well she will draw a final full color rendering of each costume. I will include those as they become available. For now I hope you enjoy a look at what’s been developed so far for Sleepy Hollow!


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