Weekend Update

Color Version of Logo
Color Version of Logo

Hello Everyone!!

Since Savannah has left work for the weekend, I figured now would be a good time to hijack the blog.  (Sorry Sav.)

I thought today I’d talk a little bit about our logos for this season’s shows. Our logos have been designed once again by the extremely talented Chet Johnson.  The process is pretty amazing.

It all starts once we have decided on the titles for the upcoming season.  I get in touch with Chet and let him know we’ll be needing his services.  The next step is for me to type out summaries for each show.  I highlight important parts of the story and even include reviews or thoughts that other people have had about productions of the shows that they have seen.  Once I have compiled all of this information I fax it all over to Chet.

Now it is up to him!

I don’t know how he did it,  but this year he faxed back black and white proofs two days after he received the show information.  When they come through the fax machine the whole office stands around it in awe (not of the machine, but of the amazing proofs coming through it!).  You’d think it was Christmas.  The Black and White proof for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow can be seen in Savannah’s last post.

Several people take a look at the proofs and decide if they embody the spirit of the show.  If anything needs to be changed we let Chet know and he makes the adjustments.  Once adjustments have been made and proofs are approved Chet begins working on the color renderings.

One…Two…Three weeks go by.  No word from Chet.  What’s taking so long?  Chet hand dyes the renderings.  He mixes all of the colors and, should he make a mistake, there is no going back… He’d have to start over drawing the black and white rough.

We don’t get to pick the colors, so when it comes time to see the finals we are very, very excited!  Finally Chet brings the finals by. When they are unveiled…  WOW!!!!

The color rendering for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow can be found at the top of this post.  We are extremely proud to display the artwork of Chet Johnson all season long.  Take a look at all of the rest of the 2009-2010 season renderings on our website. http://www.mbtheatre.com

Hope that wasn’t too long Savannah!

~Travis Walter, Artistic Administrator

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