Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Sleepy Hollow Set!

A portion of the "Sleepy Hollow" model.
A portion of the "Sleepy Hollow" model.

Here is your first glimpse of one of the entrances on the set of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! This is the model of the set designed and built by our Technical Director, Brian”BK” Kessler. BK’s design will use real dead trees as the back drop for the quaint town Sleepy Hollow, and it will have some special features that you’ll have to wait to see at the theatre.

In order to convey his vision for the set, BK created this model to scale, and he and the carpenters in the Meadow Brook Theatre scene shop will use it as a guide for building the real life set pieces. The shop will begin building the set at the end of August in a building separate from the theatre. After they complete the set they will move it to the theatre and put it back together onstage. They load the set into the theatre the week before opening night. Check back in for photos of this process!

Remember to get your tickets for the Legend of Sleepy Hollow from the Meadow Brook Theatre Box Office at 248-377-3300. The production runs from October 7- November 1, 2009.



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