Sleepy Set Update

Today was an exciting day! Why was it so exciting you ask??  Well, I’ll tell you… Today we looked at DEAD TREES!

Pretty exciting huh? look at this picture below.


Brian Kessler’s set design of Sleepy Hollow incorporates a lot of nature.  Since the show is “book-ended” in the woods, we chose to keep the set very much a woods.  This creates very interesting challenges.  One being… how do we make trees that are going to look real while keeping to the budget? A simple solution is… use real trees.

Well, we thought that solution was simple.  How naive we were.  We have now contacted approximately 5 places to see if we could use their dead trees.  None would let us.  We finally found two places that were more than willing to let us clear out some dead wood.  Now the challenge will be getting enough trees of the right sizes and how to make the stage into a forest.

Keep checking back…  there is so much more to tell!



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