Off and running!

After a brief hiatus I am back from Las Vegas, and full of lots of events to blog about. The theatre is cooking with gas now.  The summer calm is over, and we’re in the thick of rehearsals and building and designing and ticket sales and on and on and on!!!!

Tuesday was the Legend of Sleepy Hollow Meet and Greet.  Meet and Greet is a reception that we have right before the first rehearsal of every show during the season.  he lovely ladies of our theatre Guild make yummy baked goods and such and we feast and get to know our new cast! This year was cider and donuts for inquiring minds. 🙂

After the Meet and Greet everyone was invited downstairs to the rehearsal room to look at Liz Moore’s renderings for the costumes.  Ever the crafty one, Liz decided to do a handful of her renderings in oil paint this year.

Here’s a picture of them:


This picture doesn’t begin to do the paintings justice, but you can see them at the show because Liz has graciously agreed to auction them off during the run of the show!!!  I would especially love the woman in purple, it’s so beautiful.

Anyway, after Liz’s presentation was over and contracts were signed the cast walked to the scene shop to get a look at the set Brian (BK) Kessler’s set design, and the parts of the set that have already been constructed. I tagged alog to take pictures and it looks sweet! Check out the picture below:


The set is very natural looking with real dead trees and stones. The stones as you can see from the picture of our carpenter Cobey are being carved free form by the shop out of massive sheets of foam.  I promise I’ll take a trip over there later in the process to show you some sneak peeks once the foam is painted.

After our journey to the shop the cast headed into their first rehearsal, and I went back to the office to sell more tickets for this awesome show! It starts in just a few weeks so stay tuned for a lot of fun posts to come because there are a lot of fun things yet to come before “Sleepy Hollow” is ready for an audience!

Later gators!



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