Beauties From Above, Part 1 of 3 (The Lufthansa)

Stephanie Wahl weighs in about what it is like to play the ever-exuberant German Air Hostess, Judith, in the hit comedy Boeing-Boeing. Each role in this show is dynamically different from the next, but Judith’s abundant personality is certain to please all audience members.  Thanks, Stephanie, for your insight!

Come fly with us!!!

~Travis Walter

Stephanie Wahl as Judith in Boeing-Boeing

I was just elated when I got the call from Travis offering me the part of Judith in Boeing-Boeing. I knew everything about the situation was going to be great…and I was right! Besides the funny script, I’ve am honored to work with a fantastic cast, a wonderful director and to be at a great theatre.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Danny Goggin in several of his Nunsense creations – two of which I got to perform here at Meadow Brook, and although they are great too, it was a welcome challenge to play the passionate, dramatic Judith in Boeing-Boeing.

One of the best things about Judith is her passion. She can be a little over the top and dramatic because of the way she is written. By the time we see her in the play, the situation has definitely begun to ramp up towards frantic and her personality just adds to that. I have to say, since she’s not a historical figure set too far in the past, I didn’t do heaps of research for the part. Of course I worked on a German accent, and I have seen movies from the period, even some french bedroom farces, and luckily with the holidays, I’ve been doing a lot of travel and got to watch flight attendants hard at work! They really are the heart and soul of a flight, keeping you happy and comfortable at high altitudes!

So, all that to say I’m having a great time along with my fellow cast-mates and hope everyone who comes has a great time too!


~Stephanie Wahl

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