Beauties From Above, Part 3 of 3 (The TWA One)

Katie Hardy is our guest blogger today!  She gives us some inside info on what it is like to be Janet Hawkins, the obnoxious American with some nasty habits. She doesn’t reveal too many secrets, so if you want to see what all the fuss is about come to Meadow Brook Theatre before time runs out.  Boeing-Boeing only runs until the 31st of January.  Don’t be the only one on your block missing out on this great show.

~Travis Walter

Miss Janet Hawkins as portrayed by Katie Hardy

Oh Janet, Janet, Janet.  She is the stereotypical American that the French love to hate (and let’s face it who can blame them!) When we began rehearsals I was leery of making Janet too self-assured and unlikeable. However, as a good friend of mine told me a few weeks ago, “Katie, this show was written by a Frenchman. You’ve been there; remember how much they didn’t like you? Well … keep that in mind.” And I have. Finding ways to make Janet annoying was not especially tricky; however, finding ways to make her likeable in the midst of everything else was the challenge.  After our first read-thru, I struggled to understand why Bernard would even want to be with this woman and after many hours of questioning that very thought I came to the following conclusion…

Janet’s voracious sexual appetite may very well devour every man within a 100 yard distance.  Now, most women would not see this as a redeeming characteristic, but to a man – especially the kind of man with three fianceés- well let’s just say he finds this trait so likable that it’s enough to put up with her groan inducing cuisine, almost obsessive gum chewing, and a voice that could make angels cry.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to play many different roles, yet Janet is without a doubt my favorite. I have had an amazing time being onstage with so many talented actors and getting to bring this fabulously over the top character to life. Every single one of us has a fantastic time onstage every night and you as an audience make it even more enjoyable. So keep coming to the show and keep laughing!

~Katie Hardy

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