Photographing Mindgame

Mark Rademacher as Dr. Alex Farquhar

When publicity photos are needed for our shows, we know just who to turn to.  Rick Smith of Rick’s Photography has been photographing our shows for publicity and archival purposes for a long time.  He always catches the most wonderful moments of each show.  How he does this is a mystery to me, as he has not seen the show before he photographs it.

We usually take a few publicity photos early on in the rehearsal process before sets/costumes are completed.  Then on our last evening of Technical Rehearsal before we open to the public, Rick comes in and shoots live while the show is going on.  His timing is impeccable, look at the photo on the right.  That is a flame you see as Mark Rademacher (Dr. Alex Farquhar) burns a piece of paper.  This moment happens on stage very quickly and yet here it is captured on film.

Inga R. Wilson as Nurse Plimpton

Here is a wonderful shot of Inga R. Wilson as Nurse Plimpton.  This shot really gives you a good feel of the show.  It is very “Hitchcock” and is shot with furniture in the foreground of the picture giving us a voyeuristic account of what is going on.

Loren Bass as Mark Styler

To the right is another photo shot the same way.  It is of Loren Bass (Mark Styler) and really gives us a good claustrophobic feeling.  What is going on?  What are they trying to hide?

If a picture is worth a thousand words… then Rick has provided us  with millions and yet he leaves me speechless every time he photographs another show.  So here’s to you Rick!  Thanks for the great work!

~Travis W. Walter

Interim Artistic Director

One thought on “Photographing Mindgame

  1. Re. the play Mindgame. The ability of the actors was superb and they deserve great applause, however, the content of the story rendered the audience including us into stunned silence. It was an emotionally upsetting premise based upon all the ghastly ways of using torture on innocent human beings. How could anyone enjoy listening to a litany of such depravity. The so called ” critics” may acclaim the play but we will be very skeptical of their opinions. Basil and MaryLou Considine

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