Look Ma… A Raffle!!!

Dennis & Patti Owocki, winners of the Enchanted Escape Raffle Basket

If you’ve been to the theatre within the last two years, you will have noticed raffle tickets being sold at every show.  Cheryl Marshall, Managing Director of Meadow Brook Theatre sells these raffle tickets every night during the season.  “Why does she do it”, you ask? Well it is simple… when the economy took a turn for the worst and donations started to fall, we knew we needed to do something… to “rethink” the way that the theatre fundraises.  Cheryl and I started brainstorming and our raffle baskets were born.

Now when patrons enter the theatre they can take a chance to win a beautiful show themed basket, lots of prizes and a TRIP!  We have a lot of fun creating the baskets for each show and try to make it a fun experience.  After the first season of raffle baskets we thought, “well… we’ll try it next season and if there is no interest we’ll stop doing them.”  Much to our surprise… many people told us they couldn’t wait to see what was going to be in the basket at the next show.  Some people even have stopped in to the theatre on their way home from work to buy raffle tickets.  Our raffles are officially popular. 🙂

People now have a chance to win when they donate to the theatre.  This has raised donations and has ensured the success of the theatre.  We couldn’t have done it without all of our wonderful patrons and we assure you that this coming season you will still have a chance to win the baskets.  Cheryl and I have already started securing prizes for many of the baskets!

Tickets are always 1 for $3 or 15 tickets for $10.  We hope that you’ve loved the baskets as much as we have and if you want to see all of the winners please click here to visit our website.

We’ll see you at the raffle table soon!!!

~Travis W. Walter, Artistic Director


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