20 Questions with Janet Caine of Dracula: A Rock Opera

Next up in our 20 questions series is Janet Caine.  Most Meadow Brook Theatre regulars will remember her from By Jeeves a few years ago and The Rocky Horror Show many years before.  This time around she is playing one of Dracula’s three wives in Dracula: A Rock Opera.  You’ll have to watch carefully during the show as Janet is playing many other roles as well.  Janet brings great character to our stage and we are thrilled to have her “back on the boards!”

Single Tickets for Dracula: A Rock Opera will go on sale September 20th at 10:00 am.  Call the Box Office at 248-377-3300 for more ticket information.

~Travis W. Walter, Artistic Director

Janet Caine appears as many roles in Dracula: A Rock Opera

20 Questions with Janet Caine

Where did you grow up?   Cleveland,  OH (until  8 years old)  – Toledo,  OH (8- 12 years old) – Buffalo, NY (12 years old until after college)

Where did you go to school?  Orchard Park High School, Orchard Park, NY  (High School)  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor BFA Musical Theatre & BA Communications

Who in your life has been your biggest influence?  Life in general- my mom    Performance related- Tim Millett- U of Michigan Musical Theatre Department Dance Instructor & choreographer

What is your dream role? Toss up between Velma Kelly in Chicago & Aurora in Kiss of the Spider Woman (Can you tell that I love Chita Rivera?)

Do you believe in Vampires?  No-  I’m too much of a realist

Why do you think people today are obsessed with Vampires? Taylor Lautner

Favorite Restaurant? Bonefish Grill – Novi, MI

Last scary movie you saw?  I don’t like scary movies!!!! It was probably  ‘The Ring’- several years ago!

Last play you saw?  Boeing-Boeing @ Meadow Brook Theatre!

Last book you read?  The Last Lecture  by Randy Pausch

Next project after Dracula? Ding Dong @ Meadow Brook Theatre

Favorite place to visit? Arizona

Number of siblings and where you fit into the count?  1 older sister- I am the baby

Favorite Musician? George Winston (musician),  Josh Groban (vocalist)

Favorite Playwright? Neil Simon

Were you a “Crest” Kid? (if not what toothpaste do you use to clean your fangs) Can’t  remember!  Now I use Colgate Total Advanced Whitening!

Favorite onstage blooper?  During Forbidden Hollywood-(while portraying Ann-Margaret in Bye, Bye, Birdie) getting my wig stuck in the mylar curtain & having it ripped off my head to reveal my beautiful bald head under the wig cap!

Favorite pastime? Hanging out on the deck with my husband and kids when the weather’s nice

Biggest pet peeve? When people call me “Jan”  instead of Janet

Finish this sentence: “If I knew then what I know now… I wouldn’t have _____________”

wasted so much time worrying about things that don‘t really matter in the grand scheme of life.  Having kids changed the way I think!”

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