20 Questions with Alex Pedica of Dracula: A Rock Opera

After serving as Meadow Brook Theatre’s acting intern last season, Alex Pedica steps into the spotlight of the 20 questions series and joins the cast of Dracula: A Rock Opera!  I have to admit as far as talent goes… he has an abundance of it.  For those who remember Breaking Up is Hard to Do last season, you will have heard him providing back up vocals to almost every song… every night!  He was also seen in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and A Christmas Carol last season.  In Dracula: A Rock Opera, Alex will be playing Mr. Dillard and multiple other roles.  I am extremely excited to direct him again as he takes direction extremely well and always comes prepared to rehearsal.  Welcome to the cast Alex!

Single Tickets for Dracula: A Rock Opera will go on sale September 20th at 10:00 am.  Call the Box Office at 248-377-3300 for more ticket information.  For more information on the theatre, visit us on the web at www.mbtheatre.com.

~Travis W. Walter, Artistic Director

Alex Pedica returns to the MBT stage after being an Acting Intern last season

20 questions with Alex Pedica

Where did you grow up?  Warren MI

Where did you go to school?  Across campus. I graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from OU.

Who in your life has been your biggest influence?  My grandmother. I spent a lot of time at her house watching old musical movies. It was there that I realized I wanted to be a performer.

What is your dream role?  To play Toby is Sweeney Todd.

Do you believe in Vampires? I believe there are people out there who believe they are vampires. I’m a bit skeptical on the whole turning-into-a-bat-and-sleeping-during-the-day thing.

Why do you think people today are obsessed with Vampires?  Isn’t everyone drawn to things that sparkle in the sunlight? I’m ashamed to admit it, but I have read the twilight series…I think it all started with those books.

Favorite Restaurant?   Pasquale’s on Woodward in Royal Oak. Fantastic Italian food. Lots of garlic!

Last scary movie you saw?  The Orphanage and that was about a year ago.

Last play you saw?  Dog Sees God, Magenta Giraffe Theatre

Last book you read?  Kathy Griffin’s memoir

Next project after Dracula?  I go right into A Christmas Carol rehearsals at Meadow Brook.

Favorite place to visit?  Chicago, eventually I want to move there.

Number of siblings and where you fit into the count?  I am the oldest of two boys.

Favorite Musician?  Rufus Wainwright

Favorite Playwright?  Neil Labute

Were you a “Crest” Kid? (if not what toothpaste do you use to clean your fangs)  Yes, Crest all the way!

Favorite onstage blooper?   There are too many to list. I think a lot of them happened last year during Sleepy Hollow. A lot of things can go wrong with prop “heads” and a story about a creaking rocking chair. Actually one of my favorite bloopers happened when I played Ugly in Honk! The Musical at OU. After I had bid farewell to a flock of geese a gun shot was supposed to sound. The sound cue was late so one of my fellow actors playing a goose came out to give me a hug to fill time. As soon as we embraced the gun shot went off and he “died” in my arms….in front of 400 traumatized first-graders.

Favorite pastime?  Drawing and reading

Biggest pet peeve?  I cannot tolerate dishonesty.

Finish this sentence: “If I knew then what I know now… I wouldn’t have __________

….stopped taking tap and piano lessons. “

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