20 Questions with Ann O’Brien of Dracula, A Rock Opera

Dracula has three wives… that’s right, THREE!  We’ve already met two of them (Janet Caine and Jennifer George) and now it is time to highlight Ann O’Brien the third wife of Dracula in MBT’s Dracula, A Rock Opera!  Ann and I actually went to school together at Oakland University and first acted together on the MBT stage in 2001 in an OU produced children’s show, The Wind in the Willows. Since then Ann has shown her amazing talent on our stage in shows such as A Christmas Carol, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Breaking Up is Hard to Do, By Jeeves and Sisters of Swing. Below are her 20 Questions!

Single Tickets for Dracula: A Rock Opera went on sale September 20th at 10:00 am.  There have been reports of tickets literally flying out the door… So call the Box Office at 248-377-3300 to reserve your tickets today!  For more information on the theatre, visit us on the web at www.mbtheatre.com.

~Travis W. Walter, Artistic Director

Ann O'Brien is one of Dracula's wives in Dracula, A Rock Opera

20 questions with Ann O’Brien

Where did you grow up?  Roseville, MI – until I was 5, then Harper Woods, MI – through High School.

Where did you go to school?  Oakland University, B.A. Performing Arts: Musical Theatre

Who in your life has been your biggest influence?  My parents; the best examples of hard-working, Christian parents I know!

What is your dream role?  Oh, so many… Mabel (Mack & Mabel), either lady in Songs for a New World, and Sally Bowles, of course!

Do you believe in Vampires?  No, but they’re fun to play in rock-operas!

Why do you think people today are obsessed with Vampires?  The mystery and their supernatural powers intrigue us to stretch the imagination.

Favorite Restaurant?  The Palm (Best Filet!), Rosa Mexicano in NYC (Best Mexican!), any Sushi place too!

Last scary movie you saw? Van Helsing (w/ Hugh Jackman) is the scariest I get for movies.  I’m a whimp!

Last play you saw?  Two Gentlemen of Verona (Water Works) Great Show!

Last book you read?  I Could’ve Sung All Night – The Marni Nixon Story

Next project (After Dracula)?  A Christmas Carol!  Come back to Meadow Brook for this great holiday family tradition!

Favorite place to visit?  NYC! I love to go visit friends and see shows. (HI Cáitlín and Cass!)

Number of siblings and where you fit into the count?  I just have one older brother, Bryan, who’s great… now that we’re grown up!

Favorite Musician?  Heart, Katy Perry, Jason Mraz, love me some Classic Rock!

Favorite Playwright?  Jane Martin, Eugene Ionesco and… oh so many!

Were you a “Crest” Kid? (if not what toothpaste do you use to clean your fangs)  Yes! That’s all we ever used as kids.

Favorite onstage blooper?  When I was “wonder-studying” the role of Honoria Glossup here at MBT in “By Jeeves”, one of the actor’s (B.J. Love’s) fake mustache kept coming unstuck from his face on stage (since it was so humid that spring).  It was hilarious trying to keep it together when his mustache was falling off in his hands!

Favorite pastime?  Reading a good book, singing Karaoke and getting together with friends & family to play cards.

Biggest pet peeve?  People who are dishonest and manipulating in order to “get ahead” in life.

Finish this sentence: “If I knew then what I know now… I wouldn’t have __________”

…changed too much.  Maybe I would’ve been more assertive in making some of the choices that I’d let others make for me.  No one is looking out for your own happiness except you!”

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