A Cup of Cheer with Rachel Arbaugh of A Christmas Carol

It’s that time of year again.  The cold and snow is on its way and A Christmas Carol has started rehearsals at Meadow Brook Theatre.  Since the “20 questions” series was a hit for Dracula, A Rock Opera… I’ve decided to make it a tradition.  This Christmas season you’ll get to know the actors in A Christmas Carol a little better through our “Cup of Cheer” series.  It was my pleasure to sit down and ask each actor some questions that pertain to the show and this time of year.  Enjoy their answers and leave comments for them if you’d like.

First up is Rachel Arbaugh, who is new to A Christmas Carol this season.  She is thrilled and excited to be joining the cast and will be playing Belle, Scrooge’s love interest.

After reading through her questions, contact the box office at 248-377-3300 to reserve your tickets for the show.  A Christmas Carol runs from November 20 – December 23, 2010. Find out more on our website at www.mbtheatre.com

~Travis W. Walter, Artistic Director


Rachel Arbaugh joins the Cast of A Christmas Carol this season


A Cup of Cheer with Rachel Arbaugh


How many years have you been in A Christmas Carol? This is my first year, but my husband Rob was in it four years ago, so that’s kind of fun.
What is your favorite part of the holiday season? The overall cozy feeling that accompanies home-baked goodies, music and family.
What is your favorite part of the story A Christmas Carol? I think Scrooge’s transformation is my favorite part because it shows that we all have the opportunity to change and start over.

There are many school matinees for A Christmas Carol, what is fun/special about performing for children? Children give you this energy that you cannot acquire elsewhere; they remind us why we perform and provoke us to have fun.

Bob Cratchit asks Scrooge for “one more piece of coal” do you prefer your house to be “warm as toast”, “just right”, or “cold enough to hang meat”? As a child I would snuggle up with a blanket and lay with my feet over the heat vent…I like it toasty.
Scrooge promises to find Peter Cratchit a job and Martha almost misses Christmas dinner because she has to work … what kind of jobs did you have when you were young like Peter and Martha? My very first job was going door to door asking people if I could pick up sticks in their yard…for 10 cents! Later I got smart and sold candy canes at school for 25 cents each and made some serious cash for Christmas!

Favorite Christmas Drink.. Egg Nog or Wassail? There is only one magical time of year when you can drink raw egg and sugar and not feel disgusting-Christmas is that time.

Scrooge loves money… When you get a present, do you prefer money or a gift? It depends on the gift…

Scrooge is visited by two charity men early in the show… have you done any charity work or are there charity organizations that you support? Yes, but I hate when people talk about how charitable they are.

Scrooge is visited by four ghosts… do you believe in ghosts? I’ll only whisper this once, “…I see dead people…”.

If you were visited by the spirit of Christmas past how would you welcome looking back on your life? Oh boy, I was a pretty bossy kid so I’d like to skip over that part.

Next project after A Christmas Carol? I am helping with a TBA project in Chicago with UnCovered Theatre Company.

The Fezziwigs host the best parties. Any memorable moments from holiday parties you’d like to share? My parent’s hosted an annual Old Fashioned Christmas Party that involved presents, friends, family, food, singing…it was actually kind of like the Fezziwig party. (My mom’s favorite movie is A Christmas Carol.)

The spread at the Fezziwig’s party is unbelievable…. what is your favorite holiday food? I actually love to eat, so everything except the fruit cake.

Other favorite Charles Dickens novels? I just love Great Expectations.

Why do you think so many families come to see this show year after year? It brings families together and reminds us that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves.

What is your favorite holiday? It would most definitely be Christmas.

Baking is huge during the holidays, do you bake? if so what do you like to bake? I love to bake, it doesn’t matter what it is. Ask me and I’ll bake it!

What message do you hope the audience takes with them about A Christmas Carol? No matter how terrible you are, you can always change yourself. People are never lost causes.

Finish this sentence: “My favorite gift that I ever received during the holiday season was_________”

“…my husband Rob (we started dating  around Christmastime).”

4 thoughts on “A Cup of Cheer with Rachel Arbaugh of A Christmas Carol

  1. Great interview!! I can’t wait to see the show! I am coming to Michigan from Portland JUST to see Rachel in this show! She has an amazing voice and amazing presence on the stage!

  2. Of course it’s my favorite show. I start watching it in October when I’m wrapping gifts. Who doesn’t love a great show about redemption and what better character than Scrooge to give all of us hope. Go, Rachel! We can’t wait to see the show…

  3. Rachel is amazing. She has such a beautiful voice. Rachel is just a glorious person. I look forward to seeing her as Belle. She’s fantastic!!! No Christmas is complete without seeing A Christmas Carol

  4. I am not a big theatre person, but after reading this fantastic interview with such a wonderful lady, I just may have to buy a ticket. Rachel comes from an amazing family and I am sure that will it will be a wonderful experience

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