A Cup of Cheer with Alex Pedica of A Christmas Carol

In today’s Cup of Cheer I talk with Alex Pedica, who many will remember from Dracula, A Rock Opera.  Alex joined us last season as an Acting Intern and returns again this season to the role of Dick Wilkins in A Christmas Carol.  We are thrilled to have Alex back on the stage and we know you’re going to love him as much as we do.  Enjoy the ‘Cup of Cheer’ and then get your tickets to see Alex in A Christmas Carol!!!

Tickets are on sale now and range from $25 – $40 depending on day/time.  Call the box office for tickets at 248-377-3300.  A Christmas Carol is celebrating its 29th year this season.  Don’t miss this special occasion!

~Travis W. Walter, Artistic Director


Alex Pedica returns to the role of Dick Wilkins for the second year in A Christmas Carol at MBT.



A Cup of Cheer with Alex Pedica


How many years have you been in A Christmas Carol? This is my second year.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season? Getting together with family and eating a lot of good food.

What is your favorite part of the story A Christmas Carol? The Fezziwig Party!

There are many school matinees for A Christmas Carol, what is fun/special about performing for children? They respond! Adult audiences sometimes seem a bit jaded, but to children live theatre is still magical.

Bob Cratchit asks Scrooge for “one more piece of coal” do you prefer your house to be “warm as toast”, “just right”, or “cold enough to hang meat”? I actually like my house to be a bit chilly. I can always throw on a blanket if it gets too cold.

Scrooge promises to find Peter Cratchit a job and Martha almost misses Christmas dinner because she has to work … what kind of jobs did you have when you were young like Peter and Martha? The first job I had was working at Chuck E. Cheese…as Chuck E. Cheese.

Favorite Christmas Drink.. Egg Nog or Wassail? Egg Nog! Although I tried Wassail for the first time last year, and it’s definitely a close second.

Scrooge loves money… When you get a present, do you prefer money or a gift? A gift. It doesn’t matter what it is, it will always mean more to me because there was some thought put into it.

Scrooge is visited by two charity men early in the show… have you done any charity work or are there charity organizations that you support? I went on a few work missions when I was younger.

Scrooge is visited by four ghosts… do you believe in ghosts? I lived in the attic of a 180 year old farm house. Too many spooky things happened there for me not to believe.

If you were visited by the spirit of Christmas past how would you welcome looking back on your life? I’d be fine with it if I could pick and choose when.

Next project after A Christmas Carol? Nothing lined up yet.

The Fezziwigs host the best parties. Any memorable moments from holiday parties you’d like to share? When I was really young my cousins hosted a Christmas Tree party out in Chelsea. We would all get together and pick out Christmas trees, and then head back to the house for food and games. I looked forward to it every year.

The spread at the Fezziwig’s party is unbelievable…. what is your favorite holiday food? Every Christmas morning my aunt would make Italian donuts and my cousins and I would fight over them.

Other favorite Charles Dickens novels? Oliver Twist. ‘Oliver!’ was the first show I ever performed in so the story has been one of my favorites.

Why do you think so many families come to see this show year after year? It’s a beautiful show and for some families it has become a tradition.

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas!

Baking is huge during the holidays, do you bake? if so what do you like to bake? I do bake, in fact it is my job to make bon-bons for my family every Christmas.

What message do you hope the audience takes with them about A Christmas Carol? Never pass up an opportunity for happiness!

Finish this sentence: “My favorite gift that I ever received during the holiday season was_________”

“…A music box in the shape of a gingerbread house. My godfather gave it to me when I was really young and for years I kept it on display on my bookshelf.”

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