A Cup of Cheer with Tobin Hissong of A Christmas Carol

In today’s Cup of Cheer I have the distinct pleasure of chatting with Tobin Hissong.  Audiences will remember him as the loveable jokester Harvey from Breaking Up is Hard to Do last season as well as playing the title role in Murder by Poe. Tobin is a wonderfully honest actor.  His portrayal of Bob Chratchit in A Christmas Carol has almost brought me to tears on several occasions.  We are so lucky to have him back with us celebrating his 3rd year in A Christmas Carol. Many thanks to his wife Chris, the sweetest woman on earth, for allowing us to share him during the holiday season.

Come see Tobin’s performance.  Tickets for A Christmas Carol are on sale now and going quickly!  Get yours today!  Call the box office at 248-377-3300 or purchase tickets online at ticketmaster.com or through our website at www.mbtheatre.com

See you at the theatre!

~Travis W. Walter, Artistic Director

Tobin Hissong returns to the role of Bob Cratchit for his 3rd year!

A Cup of Cheer with Tobin Hissong

How many years have you been in A Christmas Carol? This will be my 3rd year as  Bob Cratchit.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season? Seeing all of  the lights and decorations!

What is your favorite part of the story A Christmas Carol? All of it!  It is such a spectacular adaptation and it’s just a pleasure to see it all come together again!

There are many school matinees for A Christmas Carol, what is fun/special about performing for children? Seeing and hearing the kids react to all of the great scenes in the show!

Bob Cratchit asks Scrooge for “one more piece of coal” do you prefer your house to be “warm as toast”, “just right”, or “cold enough to hang meat”? I like it “as warm as toast!”  (with a little egg nog thrown in for good measure!)

Scrooge promises to find Peter Cratchit a job and Martha almost misses Christmas dinner because she has to work … what kind of jobs did you have when you were young like Peter and Martha? I delivered paper for a while, but I really didn’t work until after I graduated from high school.

Favorite Christmas Drink.. Egg Nog or Wassail? Egg Nog!

Scrooge loves money… When you get a present, do you prefer money or a gift? I like being surprised, so either works for me!

Scrooge is visited by two charity men early in the show… have you done any charity work or are there charity organizations that you support? The two charities that I regularly support are Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids and WEMU Public Radio  at Eastern Michigan University .

Scrooge is visited by four ghosts… do you believe in ghosts? Not in the traditional sense of the word, but I do believe that what some people call “spirit” remains with us  or with a place for many years.

If you were visited by the spirit of Christmas past how would you welcome looking back on your life? I’d like to hope that most of my Christmas memories would be happy!

Next project after A Christmas Carol? REUNION, here at Meadow Brook in February!

The Fezziwigs host the best parties. Any memorable moments from holiday parties you’d like to share? We have a family tradition where we all meet at my Mom’s house on the Sunday between Christmas and New Years.  It’s always packed, hot, and noisy, and invariably a euchre game breaks out!

The spread at the Fezziwig’s party is unbelievable…. what is your favorite holiday food? Turkey with stuffing!

Other favorite Charles Dickens novels? A Tale of Two Cities

Why do you think so many families come to see this show year after year? It’s become a tradition!

What is your favorite holiday? New Year’s Eve, because it’s also my wedding anniversary!

Baking is huge during the holidays, do you bake? if so what do you like to bake? I’ve been relegated to Deviled Eggs – my wife is the baker of the family!

What message do you hope the audience takes with them about A Christmas Carol? The hope that the story is filled with!

Finish this sentence: “My favorite gift that I ever received during the holiday season was_________”

…Seeing my son’s smile on Christmas morning!”

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