Greek Theatre…

Starting to remove the carpet and the seats.

Wow it is really happening! On August 7, the seats started flying out of the theatre. A big work crew of about 10 people started tearing out seats and carpet. It was quite a sight to see! Things were coming out so fast that if you stood and watched it almost seemed liked they were moving in slow motion. When all the seats were gone it reminded me of the Delphi or Epidauros Theater in Greece. I felt like we could have done Oedipus the King and made Sophocles very proud!

It is really exciting to see things coming together here at MBT. I have a feeling

Workers making the dust fly!

that all the subscribers will be very happy with the new look of the theatre. All the renovations are set to be done in early September.

Renovations include: new seats, new carpet, finished concrete, and new hand rails. You too can be a part of MBT history, to help just give us a call! 248.370.3316 or email I know that we are proud and you will be too! If you want to see more pictures of the renovations please go to

And then there were none!

The season is coming fast so don’t forget to watch for when the Box Office opens on September 19th at 10am. Also if you have not signed up for Feet for Seats please do so at!

Stay tuned next week for “I”, I don’t see it.”

The epoxy floor coating! It will be so much easier to clean!

Casey S. Hibbert© – Guest Blogger

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