“I”, I Don’t See It.

Have you walked into a theatre and noticed that the rows go from H to J? Have you wondered why there is no I? Well simply put, I looks like the number one.

Many theatres across the country have no row I, however some do have row I. In the Broadway and the Jacobs theatres there is a Row I in the orchestra section, but Row I is skipped in the mezzanine.

There are some theatres that skip other rows as well. Some skip Row Q and Row O. Due to the fact that Row O can be confused for a zero and Row Q can be confused for Row O. There are some that skip not just Row I, but they skip Row O, Q and I. For example, The Neil Simon theatre in New York skips Row I and Row Q.

Now in London theatres things get a little more confusing. Some skip Rows I, Q and N. Probably because N sound and looks like M. Some also skip Rows I, Q and V. Others have Row I, but skips Rows Q and U. Due to the fact that Row V and U look much alike. Now not only do theatres skip these rows, but Sports stadiums also skip rows. For example, the Yankees Stadium skips Rows I, O and Q.

So there you have it! Many of the letters look alike so simply theatres just leave them out. Who knows what other kinds of quirks happen with the theatres that go to the far ends of the alphabet to include AA-ZZ rows!

Stay tuned next week for…

Casey S. Hibbert© – Guest Blogger

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