Hello everyone,

First I just wanted to tell you that there will be no blog this week. I am sorry for all of you who were waiting for a blog. However, here are a few things to brighten your day.

The weather outside is not frightful, it is really nice out. It was kind of chilly last night, but other than that the weather is great. It is definitely almost fall, you can smell the change in the air. The leaves are changing and it makes me think of back home in South Dakota. Except for back home the leaves don’t really change, but they fall off the tree and the snow starts falling. The one thing I really like about Michigan is that there are definite seasons; Summer, Fall, Winter. Back home we have 2 seasons; Winter and Construction. Although lately here in Michigan it has been construction season as well. Have you driven down M-59 lately? It is like a mine field of orange cones!

Many things are happening around Michigan…the Renaissance Festival has started in Holly, MI. Speaking of the renaissance festival, I am in a comedy juggling stage show called One Step Further consisting of myself, Dave Shoen, Stefan Mantek and Remy Burzuk. We perform 8 shows every Saturday and Sunday at 11:15 am, 1 pm, 2:30 pm and 4 pm. Also the festival is open this Monday and we will be performing at the same times. So basically what I am saying is that you should come and see my show! What other things are happening around here…um…well…I’m not sure I just really wanted to plug my show! 🙂

Oh by the way…the seat renovation is coming along great, they just brought in the new seats this morning!

Again I am sorry that this week there is no blog, but think of it this way…at least you don’t have to sit in front of your computer screen and read anything!

Stay tuned…

Casey S. Hibbert© – Guest Blogger

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