Another Great Season!

Hello dedicated readers!!

Welcome back to another fantastic season! We had quite a few things happen this summer. We had Sister Robert Anne’s Cabaret Class, which was a hit! Everyone enjoyed this show! We also had a very important fundraiser, Feet for Seats!

Feet for Seats is our annual 5k Fun Run/Walk. All the proceeds help Meadow Brook Theatre to continue giving you quality entertainment. This year was no exception, we have many people show up to run/walk and they enjoyed live entertainment, food, as well as a bounce house!

Image    Image

Image   Image


A few reminders…our Box Office opens Monday Sept. 10 at 10am. So don’t forget to purchase your tickets for this wonderful season! For you season ticket holders, your tickets will be arriving at the end of this week or beginning of next week. If you need to change a date on your season tickets you can do so on Monday the 10th. Hope to see you at our 47th season! Stay tuned…

Casey S. Hibbert


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