Hello Dedicated Readers!

First off thank you for being patient and waiting for this post to come. A while ago here at the theatre we had a video the Christmas Carol set being constructed. As many of you know we do A Christmas Carol every year and it is a family favorite! We look forward to this show every season and so do the patrons. If you have not seen it yet, now is the time to start a family tradition! This is a classic story and everyone knows it. Anyway…this year I really wanted to bring back that video, so over the last week I have been putting together a timelapse video of the set being constructed. It took a while to get it edited and to the finished product. We are so happy with this video we are planning on doing them for every show for the rest of this season and next. So keep your eyes peeled for more videos to come! So come see A Christmas Carol here at MBT running Nov 16 – Dec 23 for ticket information call our box office at 248.370.3300! And without further ado….I give to you A Christmas Carol construction in 1:30!

Turn on your speakers and listen to our carollers! Also don’t be afraid to watch in full screen!

Stay tuned…

Casey S. Hibbert©


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