20 Questions with Michael De Souza of Lysistrata Jones

Michael De Souza ('Urado Cortez)
Michael De Souza (‘Urado Cortez)

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Where did you go to school?

I attended Divine Child High School in Dearborn, and then went on to college at The University of Michigan.

What/Who was your inspiration to become an actor?

Growing up and doing youth theater I really enjoyed the sense of community that goes along with putting on a show, as well as a sense of pride in getting together and telling a story. For me, having those experiences was very inspiring.

What is your biggest fear as an actor?

I can be very scary looking at a script on the first day not knowing any of the lines or any of the music and thinking “will we have enough time to get through all of this?” I guess specifically it is the fear of being unprepared.

What is your dream role?

I would love to play Fabrizio in The Light in the Piazza at some point.

What is your best/favorite role you have played?

I just finished up working on a new musical version of A Little Princess. I played Ram Dass, the narrator, and I really enjoyed breaking the fourth wall and being able to interact with the audience. My costume was also really comfortable, so that was a bonus.

Do you have a special prep routine before going on stage?boys

I don’t have any special routines, I feel like I should though.

Funniest stage blooper?

My funniest stage blooper didn’t exactly happen to me, but I was a part of the aftermath. I was playing Prince Dauntless in a production of Once Upon a Mattress. In one scene, The Spanish Panic, we were supposed to dance all night and tire out the princess. Our dance was so hectic that my partner’s top fell off. Being the mature 14 year old that I was, I just blankly stared at Winifred and forgot any and all lines that I had in that scene.

What was your first impression of this show?

Lysistrata had just opened on Broadway when I moved to NYC. Though I did not catch that production, I vividly remember seeing the posters plastered all over the New York subway. Those orange and blue posters are one of my first memories from the City.

Dancing with a basketball, easy or hard?

Dancing with a basketball is easier than trying to play a pick-up game at the Y.

How do you feel about pranks?

Love a good prank.

What is the best prank you have ever pulled?

In college, we gift wrapped my roommate’s entire bedroom. And I do mean entire bedroom. We covered the walls, ceiling, picture frames, even his bed and pillows in bright red wrapping paper. We had a lot of time on our hands.

So there is a story floating around about a family driving through a neighborhood in downtown Detroit. The family spotted Bigfoot coming out of an abandoned house carrying a stick. Do you believe in Bigfoot?

There is a really great scene in A Goofy Movie in which Bigfoot dances to a walk-man. So, yes I do believe in Bigfoot.

Favorite snack food?

Favorite snack food would have to be cereal.

Favorite actor?

Raul Esparza, a really interesting career.

Favorite movie?

Shawshank Redemption.

Dream vacation?

A cabin up in the mountains. I like to stay active, so it would be great to go skiing during the day and sit in one of those hot tubs with the snow all around to unwind at night.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world living or dead who would it be and why?

I have sort of been obsessed with Top Chef recently. So, I would love to be a guest on that show and have a meal with the host Padma Lakshmi.

If you were trapped on a desert island and you could only take two things, what would they be?

I would matches and a good book.

Stay Tuned…

Casey S. Hibbert©

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