Catch Me.

Hello Readers!

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that everyone should come and see Falling. It is one of the most beautiful plays I have seen. I got a chance to watch the show on Wednesday night, this being the first preview, I have never seen and audience stand from their seat so fast. The entire cast is incredible!

OUCARES will be having their fundraiser here at the theatre on Saturday night. So get your tickets and help this wonderful organization. If you want to help other organizations like this one; please visit any for the links below for more information.

OU CARES – Oakland University’s Center for Autism- (248) 370-2424

Homes for Autism – (586) 477-0493

Autism Society of Oakland County – (248) 393-3131

Macomb/Saint Clair Autism Society – (586) 445-4915

Community Living Services of Oakland County – (248) 547-2668

Common Ground – (800) 231-1127

Judson Center Oakland County – (248) 549-4339

The Arc of Oakland County – (248) 816-1900

Autism Speaks of Michigan – (810) 689-8426

Please, if you can, help any one of these organizations come see Falling. It is not just a show about Autism, but it is also about family relationships. For tickets visit or call the Box Office at 248.377.3300. You will be glad you did!

Stay Tuned…

Casey S. Hibbert©

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