Welcome to the USO!

Hello Readers!

Well another show is here and this time it takes place at the USO! In keeping with the theme of the show here is some history about the USO.bob3Six decades ago, President Franklin Roosevelt conceived an organization–the USO–for the singular, but enduring purpose of reaching out directly from the American people to those in military uniforms who serve them. Non-governmental, but civilian and voluntary in make-up, the organization would serve as a link of compassion and reassurance from the ordinary citizen, that America cares, remembers, and supports the service and sacrifice of those who defend her. It would deliver morale enhancing programs and services around the world. Put simply, through its unique and selfless personality and character, the USO would deliver “America” to those far from home.

USO programs were as varied as the places that housed them. While most aimed to provide off-duty recreation for the mostly male and fairly young service personnel, some were designed for women in uniform, while others provided child care for military wives. USO’s could be many things to many people: a lively place to dance and meet people; a place to see movies or find religious counsel; a quiet place to talk or write letters; or, of course, the place to go for free coffee and doughnuts. bob5

The USO currently operates more than 160 centers worldwide; 77 overseas and 83 stateside. USOs in 10 countries and 22 states utilize the services of some 12,000 volunteers, from those who serve on the World Board of Governors, the USO’s governing body, to those who dish up Thanksgiving dinners to USO guests.

So there is a little bit of history about the USO. To find out more information you can visit http://www.uso.org.

Stay tuned later this week for The Andrews Sisters! In the meantime check out these videos of the Andrews Sisters.


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