‘Around the World in 80 Days’ is a steampunk laugh fest

Meadow Brook Theatre’s first review for Around the World in 80 Days came in with a rating of 4 out of 5 Stars from Patty Nolan at the Examiner.com.
On October 5th, 2014 the Examiner.com published Nolan’s review which states:

“Start with a classic Jules Verne story of adventure. Add ingenious steampunk scenic and costume design to frame the action inside the ubiquity of cool scientific confidence. Bring it to life in the stylized manner of a Victorian melodrama. Place it in the hands of an ensemble cast that understands that physical comedy is a team sport. The result is a hilarious show that is full of clever surprises – fully earning the standing ovation it received on opening night.”

“The thrill for the audience is watching these five actors play almost 40 characters as they create a world that includes travel by steam ship, typhoon-worthy sail boats, trains that jump rivers, and elephants that storm through the jungle. (The stylized elephant is worth the price of admission.) The omnipresent clockwork gears and occasional puffs of steam remind us that human ingenuity, fortified by pure scientific reason, is bound to prevail in the end.”

Nolan goes on to say, “This show is visually spectacular and one of the most entertaining family-friendly productions you are likely to see.”

To read the rest of Nolan’s review… follow this link.

We are so proud of our production and we’d love for you to come and see it.  It runs at Meadow Brook Theatre until October 26, 2014. Tickets range from $26 to $41 and are available by calling the Meadow Brook Theatre box office at 248-377-3300 or going online through Ticketmaster.com. Student discounts are available at the box office. Groups of eight or more should call 248-370-3316 for group pricing. Meadow Brook Theatre is located on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester.

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