Come to the Islands!

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Hello Readers!

Some time has gone by since the Holidays, but here we are! If you are looking for a little get away from that cold, dreary weather outside; come on by the theatre to see this beautiful show! It will take you are a journey in the Caribbean and it is a wonderful story. I walked into the theatre the other day and all I can tell you is WOW!! (notice all caps). The set is gorgeous, the costumes are gorgeous, the music is phenomenal and the actors are incredible. This is going to be one of the best show this season, which means that you need to get your tickets soon.

Just to show you how beautiful the set is here are a couple of pictures taken by our Managing Director Cheryl Marshall.

OOTI set 2

OOTI set 1

Trust me when I say you want to see this show! It is full of beauty, so get your tickets soon. Call the box office at 248.377.3300 or visit

Stay Tuned…

Casey S. Hibbert©


Preparing THE 39 STEPS workout

The Meadow Brook Theatre Guild prepares for THE 39 STEPS meet and greet

If you’ve already seen THE 39 STEPS at Meadow Brook Theatre, then you know what kind of exhilarating workout performing and running the show must be.  However, before the show makes it to the stage, before rehearsals begin, we hold what is called a Meet and Greet, hosted by The Meadow Brook Theatre Guild.

The 39 Steps Meet and Greet

A meet and greet generally begins with a festive spread of show themed food and beverages.  For The 39 Steps, the Meadow Brook Theatre Guild (a group of volunteers that help support the theatre) prepared Scottish sandwiches, chesse plates, Scottish eggs and awesome cider.  As there is a Scottish theme in The 39 Steps, the Guild dressed up in their best Scottish attire to make the event extremely festive.

The 39 Steps Meet and Greet

The cast and crew of The 39 Steps was invited to attend and partake in the delicious goodies along with the staff of the theatre.  This is always a good opportunity to welcome newcomers and get to know the ‘who’s who’ of the show, the staff and the guild.   After we partake of the food we gather in a circle and introduce ourselves to everyone else.


Staff, cast and crew enjoying the meet and greet

Once the festivities die down, it is time for the first rehearsal to begin.  The Guild is always invited to stay and watch design presentations and the first read-through of the show.

Design presentations consist of the designers of the show presenting the audience with renderings/models of what their finished designs will look like.  Kristen Gribbin, our scenic designer for The 39 Steps showed off her wonderful set model for example.



Kristen Gribbin talks about her set design
Liz Moore describes The 39 Steps costumes

Liz Moore, the costume designer, showed colored renderings while she explained her designs.

After the design presentations are finished, we have a read-through of the show with the cast.  This is always my favorite part of starting rehearsals, because although the cast has been chosen though a rigorous audition process, this is the first time that I get to hear the show come to life.  It is a very exciting first step because all of the actors come in with their own ideas of the characters… who they are… what they want… how they will get it… etc.  For this production in particular it was extremely fun because many of the actors play several characters and it was fun listening to them change so quickly from one voice to another.

The whole rehearsal process was amazing for this show… but it all starts with the Meet and Greet hosted by that wonderful group of volunteers, The Meadow Brook Theatre Guild!  The guild is always looking for new members… if you like volunteering for a good cause and meeting the actors of upcoming Meadow Brook Theatre productions, consider joining this awesome group!  For more information on the Meadow Brook Theatre Guild, please visit their website at


Opening weekend we had almost 500 people in the Sunday matinee and tickets are selling quickly.  Don’t be left out of the “Must-See” event of the season.  Call the box office for tickets today at 248.377.3300 or for groups of 8 or more contact group sales at 248.370.3316.  For more information on this and all shows at Meadow Brook Theatre visit our website at

See you at the theatre!

~Travis W. Walter, Artistic Director


The cast of The 39 Steps gather around for a first read-through of the show.